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Engineering surveys

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A topographical survey or land survey is an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and manmade features with levels..
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Environmental Engineering Survey

Engineering and environmental surveys are an integral part of design and construction works on any land plot. As a part of engineering and environmental survey a comprehensive survey and assessment of ecological status of environment components such as soil, ground, bottom sediments, surface and ground waters and vegetation, is carried out.
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Engineering Hydrometerological Survey

Engineering and hydrometeorological survey is a set of works providing study of hydrometeorological conditions of a construction site (district, area, site, and track) and forecast of any possible changes in these conditions as a result of interaction with the object being designed in order to obtain required and sufficient materials and data to take justified design solutions.
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Engineering Geological Survey

Performance of any types of engineering geological works: mining and tunneling works, all kinds of laboratory tests, electronic office processing of materials at all processing stages of field experimental works and laboratory studies that enables displaying calculation tables, charts, engineering and geological sections automatically and other works.
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Engineering Geotechnical Survey

Engineering geotechnical survey is a type of work aimed to study soils and soil masses characteristics used as ground structures, protection environment for installation of underground structures, as well as for estimation of sustainability of natural and anthropogenic soil masses, slopes and slants.
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