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11.06.2014 EcoGeoTec company in partnership with the Norwegian company Blom will participate in the project to develop the East Prinovozemelsky licensed sites in the Kara Sea

Viking Supply Ships AS Company (VSS) renders ice conditions monitoring services to its strategic partners “Rosneft” and ExxonMobil in the area of development for drilling operations in the East-Prinovozemelskiye licensed areas in the Kara Sea.

For rapid ice conditions evaluation in the drilling platform operation area “EcoGeoTech” Company together with Norwegian company BlomGeomatics is going to use all-weather radar aviation sensing technology. The synthetic aperture radar “RSA-23” made by “Radio Engineering Corporation Vega” in combination with the optical and radiometric instrumentation will be used to shoot glaciers and to identify iceberg-similar formations.

The monitoring results are used to make ice conditions, navigation and shipping conditions maps. Large ice formations and ice barriers position is estimated for a number of key water areas.The synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a method, which allows obtaining radar images of the land surface and objects regardless of the weather conditions and level of the area natural light with a resolution comparable to that of aerial images.

Development of the East-Prinovozemelskiye areas 1, 2, 3 will be performed by a joint venture of “Rosneft” (share of 66.7%) and ExxonMobil (33,3%). The East-Prinovozemelskiye licensed areas occupy a total area of 126,000 km2 (30 million acres) with a depth ranging from 50 to 200 meters (165-500 feet).


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