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Thermal-Imaging Infrared System TermoVision A40

Compact infrared camera with temperature measurement for research and development

ThermoVision A40M Reseacher is an affordable, accurate, and based on the use of the microprocessor ("intelligent") means to obtain infrared images and temperature measurement instrumentation and development of controls over the process in the industry, quality control of products and services for safety.

Durable ultra-compact camera ThermoVision A40M is characterized by the built-in logic, it has an intuitive configuration using the menu on the display, you are working with multiple cursors and independent alarm systems; at its output the output video signal in real time color image, it is equipped with multiple interfaces connected, it is ready for immediate use on the network.

Specifications Imaging

Field of view / min. focal length 24 ° x 18 ° / 0,3 m (with 35mm lens)
Spatial resolution (IFOV, IFOV) 1,3 mrad
Thermal sensitivity 0,08 °С at 30 °С
Focus Built-in motor focus. Manual or auto focus
Detector Type Located in the focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer (320 x 240 pixels)
Spectral range from 7.5 to 13 microns
Refresh rate 50/60 Hz