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TermoVision A1000 infra-red thermal vision system

THERMOVISION 1000 thermal cameras are optic and electronic measuring devices operating in the infra-red area of the electromagnetic specter. Thermal cameras measure and display temperature distribution on the object surface or on the border of different environments on the basis of registration and transformation of their infra-red emission.

HERMOVISION 1000 thermal cameras can determine temperature at any point of the object thermal picture, maximum, minimum and average temperatures in the selected area of the thermal picture of the object. At that, dimensions of the displayed surface of the object are detected by the angular field of the thermal camera.

A thermal camera is an optic and electronic device consisting of an objective focusing emission of the object to a thermal electric receiver, an electronic measuring block, registration, mathematical treatment and presentation of an output signal on the monitor.

Thermal cameras are graduated with the help of models of absolutely black bodies. An opportunity to set a figure of the emissive capacity of the object is provided for measuring temperature on real objects.


  AGEMA 550 ThermoVision 1000
Temperature diapason -20 – +300 °С
with a filter up to +2000 °С
 -20 – +120 °С
The maximum allowable error is measurement    
Relative ± 2% of the measured figure more than 100 °С ± 0,5 °С
Absolute ± 2 °С – 100 °С
Field angle 5° х 3,75°
10° х 7,5°
20° х 15°
40° х 30°
5° х 3,3°
20° х 13°
Dimensions 220 х 132 х 140 mm  310 x 164 x 221 mm
Mass 4.5 kg 8.0 kg
DC voltage Battery
28 V
28 V
Operating temeprature -15 – +50 °С  -15 – + 55 °С