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A trike (an ultralight trike) is a motor ultralight air vehicle which is harder than air with weight-shift control. It is the most popular underclass of motor ultralight air vehicles.

It appeared on the basis of ultralight trikes and has many constructive elements and production technology of its predecessors. Together with them, it is the simplest and the most accessible air vehicle.

Trikes consist of two modules: piloting and functional ones. Actually, the first module is a trike with a strengthened construction with all elements (a wing in the common language). The second one repeats a plane body in many aspects and includes: a chassis, pilot’s seat, etc. (a “trolley” in the common language). A power unit (an engine with a propeller, a fuel tank, etc.) is mounted on it.

A trike is a hybrid of a delta plane and a plane and an optimal combination of many their values, for example, having less speed and exactness of flight parameters than a microplane it have undisputable advantages in field performance, mobility, and easy maintenance.

Technical performance:

Speed - 60-80 km/h
Flight altitude: up to 2.5 km
Mission length without an additional fuel tank – 3.5 hour
Weight - 210 kg
Useful load 200 kg