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DLS-Pergam methane detector

DLS-Pergam distant methane detector is purposed to detect natural gas leakages in main pipelines, block valve stations, underground gas holders and other objects. The device is mobile and can be mounted on a helicopter or a light plane.

Purpose of the device:

  • Diagnostics of the linear part of main pipelines;
  • Detection of leakages in the linear part and block valve stations, gas distribution stations, underground gas storages and other facilities;
  • Detection of leakages in low-pressure gas pipelines, gate valves, and block valves;
  • Diagnostics of town gas networks;
  • 24-hour monitoring of air, river crossings, main road and railway crossings, etc.;
  • Air contamination monitoring at petrol stations and other objects;
  • Ecological monitoring;
  • Prevention of emergencies;
  • Provision of security of enterprises and living houses;
  • Air contamination monitoring and security of underground parking lots and trading centers.

Short specifications:

Maximum detecting distance Up to 250 m
Measuring time 0.01 sec., 0.5 sec. (simultaneously)
Threshold sensitivity of measurements during 0.5 sec.
With the distance of 50 m
With the distance of 100 m
With the distance of 150 m
25 ppm* м
100 ppm* м
200 ppm* м
Minimum thickness of the detected methane layer with the presence of atmospheric pressure 0.05 mm
Dynamic diapason of measured concentrations 2*10 4
Selectivity with regard to other gases <(1/10 4 )
Power supply 27 V, 160 W
Operating temperature -10 – +40ºC
Length of laser waves 1,65 mkm
Laser power 15 mW
(*) – ppm *m – ( part per million *метр) – number of molecules of the detected gas by one million air molecules multiplied by the length of the optic pathway.