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Photolite digital aerophotographic complex


PhotoLite aerophotographic complex. Light — some ten kilograms together with a camera and an additional thermal camera. It is convenient and does not require a specially trained crew.

Any light aircraft is good to set a PhotoLite aerophotographic complex. EcoGeoTec uses PhotoLite on a weight-shift control aircraft, An-2 planes, Mi-2, Mi-8 and Robinson-44 helicopters.

An aircraft should have a hole with a diameter of 10–12 cm but not 30–50 cm for the generally accepted aerial equipment. You can set the complex on a door of your plane or helicopter.

PhotoLite does not require a specially trained crew. Thanks to full automation of the complex one pilot can make aerial photography. And it is not his sole purpose.

The complex is automatic one. Our system uses an electronic magnetic compass and a GPS detector. Their information allows detecting the drift angle for turning the platform. A computer makes a command to turn the platform, the camera turns to the drift angle and pictures have no distortions. Forward overlap is set automatically as well.

It is very light. So, it can be set outside the useful construction of the aircraft and it does not occupy the useful area in the cabin. So, aerial photography or patrolling of oil lines can be combined with transportation purposes.


Complex parts Purpose

Automatic rotating platform:

  • Rotating platform
  • Video camera
  • Video monitor with a mounter
  • Communication and control controller
  • Electronic magnetic compass
  • Communication and control electric wiring harness
  • Transport case
  • Mounting of Hasselblad digital cameras over the chemical hole (330 mm х 460 mm) of an An-2 plane
  • Automatic turn of the automatic camera by the drift angle
  • Monitoring of an object
  • Stabilization diapason according to the drift angle in the limits of +/- 35°
  • Correctness of automatic turn of the automatic camera to compensate the drift angle of the aircraft ±1°
  • Error in sustention of the forward overlap of stereo pairs is not more than 1%
  • Output of a synchroimpulse of operation of the camera shutter to the external GPS receiver
  • Voltage: 9-36 V of direct current
  • Consumed power: not more than 40 W
  • Operation temperature diapason: -10°С ÷ +45°С
  • Weight 7,0 kg

Onboard navigation communication and control system:

  • Onboard computer
  • Air navigator with a mounter
  • External magnet antenna
  • External control board
  • Metal case
  • Linux operation system
  • Diagonal 7"
  • USB port
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Input of positioning data of objects in the text format of the Google Planet Earth program
  • Echoing of objects
  • Input of camera parameters
  • Input of parameters of forward and lateral overlap of pictures and relief height
  • Indication of the current flight parameters
  • Control of the shutter release according to the established forward overlap
  • Automatic calculation and indication of the drift angle
  • Automatic calculation and indication of pictures in the photographic scale
  • Indication  and presentation of a path of motion of the aircraft and shooting centers