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11.08.2014 Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec” in a partnership with Norwegian Company BlomGeomatics started works on ice conditions aviation monitoring in the East-Prinovozemelskiye licensed areas in the Kara Se

Exploration drilling started at WestAlpha platform (“Universitetskaya-1” well), which is located in the Kara Sea. It is a joint project of “Rosneft” and ExxonMobil within framework of the valid strategic cooperation agreement.

WestAlpha platform has been specifically upgraded for operation in special conditions of the northern seas, and it is provided with an innovative ice conditions control complex and a iceberg collision prevention system

Within framework of the comprehensive iceberg prevention system Group of Companies OOO “EcoGeoTec” together with Norwegian Company BlomGeomatics ensures ice conditions aviation monitoring in the area of WestAlpha drilling platform operation.

During operational ice conditions estimation Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec” applies a modern all-weather radar aviation sounding technology - synthetic aperture radar "RSA-23" made by “Radio Engineering Corporation Vega”. In parallel, a survey is performed with on-board optical and radiometric instrumentation in combination with visual observations.

The monitoring results are used to make ice conditions, navigation and shipping conditions maps. The large ice formations and ice barriers position is estimated for a number of key water areas.

The northernmost well of Russia “Universitetskaya-1” will be drilled in the open water during ice-free months - from August to the end of October.


About Group of Companies  “EcoGeoTec” (Russia)


Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec” is a leading engineering company with a great experience in performing complex engineering survey and design works, turn-key project management, ensuring high level of control at all stages of their performance.

Group of Companies  “EcoGeoTec” applies the most modern and high-performance methods for survey and design solutions, including aerial, surface and mobile laser scanning technology, digital aerial survey, radar, geo-radar, thermal-imaging and hyper spectral survey and high-tech software packages.  


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