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06.02.2014 The first ultra-light 5-seat gyrocopter (autogyro) DiNelly® eXoGyro for aerial survey and remote sensing

Finally an aircraft designed to solve aerial survey and monitoring tasks has appeared. In October 2013 Dinelly Distribution Ltd. Company presented an absolutely new construction of GYROCOPTER (autogyro) DiNelly® eXoGyro with a platform designed to solve professional aerial survey and monitoring tasks at INTERGEO 2013, an international key exhibition on geodesy, geomatics and land management.

One of the unrivalled advantages of aircraft GYROCOPTER (autogyro)  DiNelly® eXoGyro is the ability of installing any remote sensing and monitoring equipment.

According to Executive Director of Dinelly Distribution Ltd. Richard Widehofer: “GYROCOPTER DiNelly (autogyro) is the world only ultra-light aircraft, which can integrate any existing remote sensing systems on its platform and perform pilot’s and operator’s functions without any certification. It refers to such systems like lidar laser scanning systems of mapping, aerial cameras and hyper spectral cameras.

Gyrocopter DiNelly® eXoGyro (autogyro) is the first, newly developed ultralight 5-seat gyrocopter, which combines high security, ease of use and low cost with a lot of applications in the aircraft and helicopter industry. This is a new step in ultra-light aviation.

Being the most modern and cost-effective multi-purpose aircraft, Gyrocopter DiNelly® eXoGyro (autogyro) is designed for commercial aerial survey, air sensing, diagnostics, EMERCOM tasks, as well as for humanitarian operations like mobile laboratories or air ambulance.


 About Dinelly Distribution Ltd. Company

 Dinelly Distribution Ltd. Company is one of the world leading developers and manufacturers of the world’s first ultra-light GYROCOPTER DiNelly® eXoGyro (autogyro) for commercial use with a potential passenger capacity up to 5 persons.


About Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec” (Russia)


Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec” is a leading engineering company with a great experience in performing complex engineering survey and design works, turn-key project management, ensuring high level of control at all stages of their performance.


Group of Companies “EcoGeoTec”  applies the most modern and high-performance methods for survey and design solutions, including aerial, surface and mobile laser scanning technology, digital aerial survey, radar, geo-radar, thermal-imaging and hyper spectral survey and high-tech software packages.  


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