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31.07.2015 "Smart" outdoor illumination in Russia

Today, outdoor illumination in Russia not only provides safety and comfort on the streets in evening time, but also it is an element of energy supply and consumption system. That’s why the complex solution of country’s energy issues involves optimization of outdoor illumination.

«EOLGREEN» group and EcoGeoTec group of companies in Russia has started an implementation of innovative illumination systems «EOLGREEN-Eco": from production and selling to further designing in a complex system of street illumination in Russia.

«EOLGREEN-Eco» autonomous systems of street illumination are the unique product on the Russian market. Solar and wind energy are used to provide the work of the lighting system. The system is accumulated by itself and works without connecting to the central power grid, which is another step towards environmental and energy security (availability of illumination in the case of emergencies, flooding, etc.). This technology conforms to the modern standards and trends in the use of alternative energy sources.

«EOLGREEN-Eco» street illumination systems can be used anywhere with a minimum amount of sunlight and minimum wind speed (setting independently works 58 hours in the complete absence of sunlight and wind), and the current car battery charge appears at wind speed of 1, 7 m/s.

Energy-efficient batteries, controllers and light sources, modern electrical equipment, supporting structures of high performance are used for such systems.

Changing approaches to the design of lighting installations is of the essence. Thus, designing the use of the element of "smart" illumination on new facilities. Dimming depending on the environmental and weather condition, the intensity of the other light sources can save from 20 to 40% of electricity depending on the type of objects.