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Our services

EcoGeoTec Group of Companies is one of the leading companies in the field of the complex of engineering research, aerial mapping, laser scanning and other activities connected with design, operation and further modernization of engineering communications and territory development.

EcoGeoTec Group of Companies performs land and air works in the whole Russian territory and abroad.

We work in such industries like oil and gas sector, transport sector, monitor and forecast the ice situation in northern seas. Our own control and measuring equipment, a wide network of partner companies in the utmost ends of our country allow us making works of any complexity observing the required standards.

Our advantages:

  • Cyclical turnaround
  • Presence of our own equipment
  • Material base including ultralight planes and drones allows performing works at the smallest areas where application of heavy equipment is difficult or economically irrational
  • A flexible discount system for loyal clients
  • Staff of high-qualified employees with experience of many years

Engineering surveys


Topographical survey
Environmental Engineering Survey
Engineering Hydrometerological Survey
Engineering Geological Survey
Engineering Geotechnical Survey
Георадарные исследования
Диагностика и мониторинг зданий, сооружений

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Разработка рабочей документации
Urban Design
Landscape Design
Roads and Structures Design
Создание топографических планов

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3D Modeling

The Group of companies "EcoGeoTec" provides design engineering that is the process of technical support for creating a new object. It includes technical consulting, technological schemes development, optimization of certain decisions (selection of the best ones), and the functions monitoring.

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At the present time creation and use of 3-dimensional models of objects (3D-models) has become an important part of activities related to state security, maintenance, use and promotion of historical and cultural heritage.

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Ice patrol

Geographic Information Systems

Ice reconnaissance is the method of information collection and studying on the ice coverage character in fully or partially freezing seas, large water reservoirs (lakes and pools) in streamflows (rivers, channels, etc.) and other inner water objects. It should be performed to provide safety of people, residential places, economic objects and terms and safety of civil navigation.

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GIS technology required to create computer-aided real estate cadastre, creating electronic maps of various scales of the city, the design and analysis of cadastral districts and land boundaries, the creation of a targeted system.

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Radar monitoring


Радиолокационная съемка – метод получения информации о местоположении и свойствах объектов и характеристиках поверхности при помощи радиоволн, испускаемых и принимаемых антеннами, установленными на летательных аппаратах.

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Тепловизионная съемка с помощью тепловизоров позволяет своевременно выявить места повышенных теплопотерь зданий, перегрев производственного и коммуникационного оборудования.

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Georadar research methods


Ground penetrating radar(georadar inspection)is a geophysics method based on radiation and receipt of electromagnetic waves. Thus, ground penetrating radar can be considered as wave geophysics methods together with seismic exploration works.

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Bathymetric survey performed on the bodies of water (rivers, lakes, ponds) in order to obtain data on the topography.

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